Specialists in the customized design and production of smart devices.

Concepting | Plug-in Design Center Home

From the idea to the product in only 10 weeks

Adaptive design method for a fast time-to-market.

Rapid Design | Plug-in Design Center Home

IOT Experts

We develop interfaces, applications, and software connectors internally, in order to realize interconnected smart objects.

Agile Development | Plug-in Design Center Home

More than 4500 installations all around Italy

Banks, companies, hotels, bars, and shops employ our devices to become more efficient and to improve their service.

Innovative as a vocation

We cooperate with prestigious brands of large retail chains to realize innovative solutions for new purchase experiences.

No technical limits | Plug-in Design Center Home

No construction limits

We coordinate a network of partners specialized in the processing of different materials: steel, aluminium, wood, plastic, glass, and composite materials.

Digital Manufacturing | Plug-in Design Center Home

From 1 to a thousand pieces, little quantities don’t frighten us

We produce even little series with a competitive price. We employ digital manufacturing technologies that don’t require moulds and tools.