Visitor Management

Self-check-in/check-out terminal for the access control

Visitor Management | Access Control Systems

Main functions

  • Self-check-in/check-out with QR-Code reading
  • Manual registration trough touchscreen
  • Creation of a badge with the visitor’s picture
  • Security Informative Communication
  • Integrable with automatic openings for the consent or prohibition to access
  • Integrated thermoscanner
  • Recognition of the employment of the protection mask
  • Facial recognition (if allowed)

Application field

  • Offices, factories,
  • Hospitals, clinics, surgeries
  • Hotels, holiday villages, gyms

Hardware equipment

  • High-precision infrared sensors
  • 8” LCD Touchscreen
  • High-resolution camera
  • Speaker for voice messages
  • Auxiliary lighting LED
  • WI-FI antenna and Ethernet gate


  • Visitor Management software installed
  • Web-based centralised monitoring
  • Adjustable head


  • Desk version: 250 (length) x 250 (depth) x 540 (height) mm
  • Ground version: 450 (length) x 450 (depth) x 1,300 (height) mm


  • Wall support
  • Ground column
  • Column with a reduced height for disabled users
  • Colour chosen by the customer